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black bean salsa & chips 8.00
aka - black bean dip - black beans, red onion, sweet peppers, cilantro, sour cream, Tipper’s own seasoned tortilla chips

quesadilla 14.00

Veggie option, or seasoned chicken, sweet peppers, feta and cheddar

free run wings – one pound 10.5

Cajun, sweet sambal oelek, or Tipper’s Jerk or Kaboom, served with house made ranch dipping sauce

chicken strips 10.00
sliced free range chicken breast, lightly breaded, with a light honey mustard dip

garlic sweet potato fries 8.50

Hand sliced non-processed Sweet potatoes, tossed in Montreal spices and lots of garlic, chipotle mayo dip. so simple, so good

naughty & nice Poutine 13.75

house cut fries, Veggie Gravy with cheese curds, served with a NICE house salad

make it a light meal by adding a side Caesar salad for 3.75


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