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Free run eggs & non processed hand cut breakfast taters, along with fresh bacon

breakfast sandwich - 6.95
2 Scrambled eggs, bacon & cheddar cheese, toasted kaiser bun

BELCH breakfast sandwich - 11.25
2 scrambled eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, toasted whole wheat kaiser bun & breakfast potatoes

grilled sourdough BLT  15.00
grilled sourdough, basil garlic butter, bacon, spring mix, tomato, chipotle mayo. served with breakfast potatoes

basic free run eggs - 9.00
2 eggs any style, toast & breakfast potatoes

simple free run eggs - 11.25
2 eggs any style, toast, breakfast potatoes, & 2 strips of bacon

3 egg breakfast - 13.50
3 free run eggs any style, toast, breakfast potatoes, & 3 strips of bacon

veggie hash - 13.50
sauteed soy based veggie patty, breakfast potatoes, sweet peppers, sweet onions, cajun, whole wheat toast.
enjoy with eggs 1.85 ea

no carbs - eggs on salad - 12.00
sharing what we enjoy! 2 eggs any style spring mix, sweet peppers, cucumber, tomato and black olives, reggiano cheese, house dressing.

tomato basil feta omelet - 12.50
served with toast & breakfast potatoes

cheddar mushroom omelet - 11.50
served with toast & breakfast potatoes

sambal scramble - 10.00 a Tipper's First - only found @TheTipper
Spicy Sambal Oelek scrambled eggs with sweet bell peppers, served with toast & breakfast potatoes

3 piece french toast - 8.50
3 pieces of french toast cooked just right, syrup & a light sprinkle of icing sugar

banana cinnamon french toast - 10.00
3 pieces of french toast, sauteed banana & cinnamon, warm syrup & a light sprinkle of icing sugar

nutella french toast - 12.00
3 pieces of French toast, Nutella, icing sugar, warm syrup & banana

Green Eggs & __________? 12.25
SPICY, habanero scrambled eggs, toast, breakfast potatoes, with a choice of ham, bacon, sausage or tomatoes

breakfast burrito -11.00
scrambled free run eggs, avocado, tomato, aged cheddar, side sour cream, salsa & breakfast potatoes

big breakfast - 14.50
1 slice French toast, eggs any style, toast, hand cut breakfast potatoes, 2 bacon & 2 sausage

steak & eggs - 18.50
7 oz  grass fed non medicated striploin steak, 2 free run eggs any style, toast & hand cut breakfast potatoes

buffalo joe's special - 17.75
Buffalo patty, 2 scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sweet peppers, wilted greens, chipotle ketchup, feta, served with toast & breakfast potatoes

(we choose to use in house cracked free run eggs for our omelets, and scrambles - vs. liquid egg from a carton)

toast 3.00
sausage 3.00
ham 3.75
bacon 3.75
slice french toast 3.00
extra free run egg 1.85
breakfast potatoes 3.00
hot oatmeal 4.95
side house salad 3.29